Fish Pond (2022)

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University student Hsu-hao longs for love. He subscribes to the “fish pond theory”, believing that he should spend time with and compare many different girls before choosing the right one. One night, Hsu-hao comes across a girl named “Koi” on a dating app and they hit it off, but the app does not match them. As he begins searching for her, a classmate recommends that he use the “Rent a Girlfriend” service. Hsu-hao ends up having a great Valentine’s Day with a girl from the service, and despite still wanting to kind Koi, he becomes inexplicably attracted to this new girl…

GENRES:  Drama • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Yi-Ling Wang
CAST:  Wu Nien-hsuan  •  Allison Lin  •  Chiao Yuan-Yuan  •  Cheng-Chun Chung

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