Interceptor (2022)

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A U.S. Army Captain uses her years of tactical training to save humanity from sixteen nuclear missiles launched at the U.S. as a violent attack threatens her remote missile interceptor station.

GENRES:  Action • Adventure • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Matthew Reilly
CAST:  Elsa Pataky  •  Luke Bracey  •  Aaron Glenane  •  Belinda Jombwe

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Cast & Characters

Elsa Pataky JJ Collins
Luke Bracey Alexander Kessel
Aaron Glenane Beaver Baker
Belinda Jombwe Ensign Washington
Mayen Mehta Rahul Shah
Paul Caesar Captain Lou Welsh
Marcus Johnson General Dyson
Rhys Muldoon Clark Marshall
Colin Friels Frank Collins
Zoe Carides President Wallace
Ingrid Kleinig Kira
Steve Morris Mikael

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