Kidnapped (2005)

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15-year-old Davie Balfour is poised to receive a vast inheritance when he's lured onto a cargo ship, knocked unconscious, and kidnapped by his malevolent uncle Ebenezer, who devises a scheme to sell him into slavery. But Davie's unforeseen rescue at the hands of a Scottish rogue, Alan Breck, leaves them racing across the Scottish moors, with English bounty hunters in hot pursuit.

GENRES:  Action • Adventure • Drama • History
DIRECTION:  Brendan Maher
CAST:  James Anthony Pearson  •  Iain Glen  •  Paul McGann  •  Adrian Dunbar

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Cast & Characters

James Anthony Pearson Davie Balfour
Iain Glen Alan Breck
Paul McGann Colonel MacNab
Adrian Dunbar Alexander Balfour/Ebenezer Balfour
Gregor Fisher James Stewart of the Glens
Emily Barclay Maddy
Gavin Richards Captain Hoseason
Kirstin Smith Catriona
John Bach Cluny
John Leigh Rankeillor
Andrew Robertt Mr Riach
Jake Lindesay Ransome

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