Mo' Better Blues (1990)

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Talented but self-centered trumpeter Bleek Gilliam is obsessed with his music and indecisiveness about his girlfriends Indigo and Clarke. But when he is forced to come to the aid of his manager and childhood friend, Bleek finds his world more fragile than he ever imagined.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama • Music • Romance

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Cast & Characters

Denzel Washington Bleek Gilliam
Spike Lee Giant
Wesley Snipes Shadow Henderson (Sax)
Giancarlo Esposito Left Hand Lacey (Piano)
John Turturro Moe Flatbush
Samuel L. Jackson Madlock
Charlie Murphy Eggy
Nicholas Turturro Josh Flatbush
Robin Harris Butterbean Jones
Joie Lee Indigo
Cynda Williams Clarke Bentancourt
Flavor Flav Impatient Movie Patron

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