Colorz of Rage (1999)

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Writer-director Dale Resteghini's indie drama follows a young interracial couple (Resteghini and Nicki Richards) whose recent move to New York from the Boston suburbs lands them in an environment of bigotry and hatred that they're ill-equipped to handle. Hip-hop artist turned actor Redman also stars in this thought-provoking tale.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Dale Resteghini
CAST:  Toni D'Antonio  •  Redman  •  Queen Pen  •  Dale Resteghini

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Cast & Characters

Toni D'Antonio Joy Mespeli
Redman Trevor
Queen Pen Honey
Dale Resteghini Tony Mespelli
Cheryl Pepsii Riley
Spero Stamboulis Jameson
Ron Van Clief Diciple
Ali A. Wahhab Killil
Don Wallace Oliver

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