The Amazing Ape (2017)

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An adventurous young boy, Albert, is diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only a matter of weeks to live. While undergoing aggressive medical treatments Albert befriends a laboratory chimp, Simon, at the company his mother works for. Through this newfound friendship with the gifted chimp, Albert finds new hope and courage, and a strength that leads him to undertake one final great adventure. With the help of his brokenhearted mother, Albert breaks Simon out of the laboratory and embarks upon a journey that teaches Albert and all those around him a valuable lesson about compassion for all living creatures, and the powerful healing effects that this can have on our lives.

GENRES:  Drama • Family • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Juliano Brotman

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Cast & Characters

Benjamin Stockham Albert
Louise Griffiths Miranda
Jessica Morris Riley
Ian Patrick Williams Colonel Ryneheart
Julia Springer Jenny
Scott Crane Elijah
Denise Cheshire Simon
Richard Tyson Dr. Sinclaire
Jennifer Durst Krystal
Lana Kinnear Cherry

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