The Last Painting (2017)

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A student and political activist becomes the new housemate of a solitary painter. He is brusque and disillusioned, she is filled with hope. Outside, Taiwan is heading towards new presidential elections. Contemporary Asian cinema at its best, in which it's all about timing and rhythm. A visually impressive, layered thriller about politics, art and murder.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Chen Hung-i
CAST:  Ning Chang  •  JC Lin  •  Wei-Yi Lin  •  Rexen Cheng Jen-Shuo

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Cast & Characters

Ning Chang 楊婕
JC Lin
Wei-Yi Lin San San
Rexen Cheng Jen-Shuo
Ming-Yao Lu
Kuan-Ting Liu Rookie Interpol
Teng-Hung Hsia Lover in vote and in gallery
Cecilia Choi Lover in vote and in gallery
Hsiao Yao Mother of Yang Chieh
Deng Chiu Yun Joan

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