Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

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Join visionary director Sam Raimi and the cast of the film as they recount their experiences bringing Marvel’s darkest story to life. From world-building to universe-building, hear first hand accounts from the cast and crew on what it took to design, create and make each universe unique and believable.

GENRES:  Documentary

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Cast & Characters

Bruce Campbell Self - Host / Pizza Poppa
Elizabeth Olsen Self
Kevin Feige Self - Producer
Benedict Cumberbatch Self
Sam Raimi Self
Richie Palmer Self - Co-Producer
Xochitl Gomez Self
Michael Waldron Self - Screenwriter
Benedict Wong Self
Chiwetel Ejiofor Self - Baron Mordo
Julian Hilliard Self
Doug Lefler Self - Storyboard Artist

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