Philanthropy (2002)

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In 21st century Bucharest, to go out in the city on Saturday evening at the arm of a beautiful woman is a risky financial investment. Ovidiu, an unassuming high school teacher, never could afford it. Looking for a source of income more substantial than a teacher's salary, Ovidiu plunges into a fabulous world - the beggar mob.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Nae Caranfil

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Cast & Characters

Mircea Diaconu Ovidiu Gorea
Gheorghe Dinică Pavel Puiut
Mara Nicolescu Miruna
Viorica Vodă Diana Dobrovicescu
Anamaria Marinca Reporter
Marius Florea Vizante Simpaticul
Florin Zamfirescu Poetul Garii de Nord
Cristian Gheorghe Robert Dobrovicescu
Florin Călinescu Himself
Constantin Drăgănescu Tatal
Monica Ghiuță Mama
Ovidiu Niculescu Ospatarul

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