Worzel Gummidge: Calliope Jane (2021)

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When a travelling fair comes to Scatterbrook, Worzel tells John and Susan the legend of a fair with an enchanted organ that sends humans to sleep so scarecrows can enjoy the rides without being seen.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Mackenzie Crook
CAST:  Mackenzie Crook  •  India Brown  •  Thierry Wickens  •  Bill Bailey

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Cast & Characters

Mackenzie Crook Worzel Gummidge
India Brown Susan
Thierry Wickens John
Bill Bailey Mr Peregrine
Nneka Okoye Calliope Jane
Steve Pemberton Mr Braithwaite
Rosie Cavaliero Mrs Braithwaite
Francesca Mills Earthy Mangold
Vicki Pepperdine Aunt Sally
Colin Michael Carmichael Soggy Bogart
Josephine Butler Jackie Pudding
Gus Brown Oswald Pollyplop

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