The Adventures of a Plumber in Outer Space (2009)

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A madcap science fiction comedy which is an affectionate homage to the British 'Confessions' films of the 1970's. Plumber Robin Evans gets transported to a distant planet by Queen Azzizaz, who wants him as her mate. Sergeant Zucker and Mrs Zucker also get transported to the planet, by mistake.

GENRES:  Comedy • Science Fiction
DIRECTION:  Jan Manthey

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Cast & Characters

Vic Pratt Robin Evans
Marie Magnusson Queen Azizazz
Robert Harvey Wainwright Sergeant Zucker
Diana Manthey Mrs Zucker
Kevin James Dr. Defghi
Quinn Patrick Hepesh
Ella Grace Lady Gygax
Paul Rowe Bok
Stanley A. Long Angry Motorist
Smeaton Westerbury Professor Gaylord
Mark Duqueno Randy Scientist
Percy Manthey The Boy From Space

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