Model's Sexual Desire (2021)

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Jun-yeong, who needs a job boldly jumps into the work, but runs away without enduring even an hour. He didn't want to sweat even though he had to earn money, but found a high-paying part-time job that didn't sweat and became a nude model. There was an unexpected ambush, and he has to take off his clothes and pose at the same time as a woman his age! While thinking about running away because he was embarrassed, he fell in love with the body and beauty of a female model who took off her clothes and continued modeling for a while. The surprisingly active female model Han-byeol seduces Jun-yeong to have a drink at her hideout.

GENRES:  Romance
CAST:  Yoon Yool  •  Yeon Joo  •  Min Do-yoon

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Yoon Yool
Yeon Joo
Min Do-yoon

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