The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002)

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Now that Frollo is gone, Quasimodo rings the bell with the help of his new friend and Esmeralda's and Phoebus' little son, Zephyr. But when Quasi stops by a traveling circus owned by evil magician Sarousch, he falls for Madellaine, Sarouch's assistant.

GENRES:  Animation • Comedy • Family
DIRECTION:  Bradley Raymond
CAST:  Jason Alexander  •  Jennifer Love Hewitt  •  Tom Hulce  •  Paul Kandel

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Cast & Characters

Jason Alexander Hugo
Jennifer Love Hewitt Madellaine
Tom Hulce Quasimodo
Paul Kandel Clopin
Kevin Kline Phoebus
Charles Kimbrough Victor (voice)
Demi Moore Esmeralda
Michael McKean Sarousch (voice)
Haley Joel Osment Zephyr (voice)
Jane Withers Laverne (voice)
Jim Cummings Archdeacon (voice)
Joe Lala Guard #1 (voice)

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