Don Juan (1926)

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If there was one thing that Don Juan de Marana learned from his father Don Jose, it was that women gave you three things - life, disillusionment and death. In his father's case it was his wife, Donna Isobel, and Donna Elvira who supplied the latter. Don Juan settled in Rome after attending the University of Pisa. Rome was run by the tyrannical Borgia family consisting of Caesar, Lucrezia and the Count Donati. Juan has his way with and was pursued by many women, but it is the one that he could not have that haunts him. It will be for her that he suffers the wrath of Borgia for ignoring Lucrezia and then killing Count Donati in a duel. For Adriana, they will both be condemned to death in the prison on the river Tigre.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 61%

Rated Unrated,  1 hr 30 mins

Adventure • Romance
Alan Crosland
John Barrymore  •  Mary Astor  •  Myrna Loy  •  Hedda Hopper

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