Sorry, Thanks (2009)

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Reeling from a brutal break-up, Kira sleeps with Max, a charming but disheveled wreck already committed to long-term girlfriend Sara. Max (no emotional sophisticate) becomes obsessed, mostly with Kira, but vaguely with his curious lack of conscience as well. Kira, fighting to win a job she hates and running aimless romantic loops, faces the precarious double challenge of choosing a next step and charting a course back to sanity. Good luck leading with your heart, when your heart is an utter emotional idiot.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Dia Sokol Savage
CAST:  Wiley Wiggins  •  Kenya Miles  •  Andrew Bujalski

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Wiley Wiggins Max Callahan
Kenya Miles Kira Marks
Andrew Bujalski Mason

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