Yellow (2006)

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Yellow or Adicolor Yellow is a 2006 futuristic short film by director Neill Blomkamp, written by Terri Tatchell and Blomkamp. It was produced at the request of sportswear maker Adidas as a part of its "Adicolor" viral ads campaign, in which advertising agency Idealogue gathered seven directors, assigning a different color to each of them, and asked them to produce a feature based on their emotional and creative response to the given color, later to be distributed in the form of podcasts. The four-minute film, shot by Trent Opaloch in Blomkamp's usual handheld camera mockumentary style, deals with an Israeli robotic globe-trotter gone rogue.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 39%

Rated R,  1 hr 29 mins

Science Fiction
Neill Blomkamp
Julien Phipps  •  Gideon Karmel  •  Jason Bell  •  Jae Lee

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