Karate Wars (1991)

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Karate Wars is an all or nothing tournament where the prize is honor, self respect and a million dollars. Karate master Oyama, trains his loyal students in the ancient, mystical arts of Kung Fu. His top student Jason is faced with the challenge of fighting his hated rival in a fight to the finish. Oyama's students train vigorously in the secret Chinese style of the snake and crane... When the "Karate Wars" tournament gets canceled, another war begins on the streets, where there is no ring...no rules...and no million dollars...

GENRES:  Action
DIRECTION:  David Huey
CAST:  Christopher Wolf  •  Richard Rabago  •  Gerald Okamura  •  Elsie Jay

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Cast & Characters

Christopher Wolf Jason
Richard Rabago Oyama
Gerald Okamura Nakaso
Elsie Jay Tracy
Tad Mathes Lin
Lelagi Togisala Stoner
Ernie Santiago The Karate Opponent
Kenneth Carr Donald Stark

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