Mind Blown (2016)

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In Los Angeles, the Earth shakes, people panic, buildings crumble and fold. But when a special OPS crew flies in to view the damage, it's as if nothing has happened. Buildings still stand, the ground is whole...but dead bodies litter the streets. Welcome to MIND BLOWN - a secret government program in psychotronic warfare that goes terribly wrong. Now the DOD must cover it up and terminate all involved. Fleeing for his life, Noah West knows he must uncover who has stolen the technology with plans on using it to bring America to its knees. When the disasters start for real, the darker secret of the experiment begins to unravel.

GENRES:  Science Fiction • TV movie
DIRECTION:  Christian Sesma
CAST:  Luke Goss  •  Monique Parent  •  Jessica Uberuaga  •  Jon Mack

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Cast & Characters

Luke Goss General White
Monique Parent Lab Tech
Jessica Uberuaga Jennifer
Jon Mack Gertie
Mary Christina Brown Private Fasma
Sarah Booth Jaimie
Troy Fromin Guard #1
Steve Hanks Colonel Tyron Clayton
Vince DeCosta Ruben Sanchez
Saxon Jones Clive Jones

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