Club Paradise (1986)

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When Chicago firefighter Jack Moniker retires and moves to a small Caribbean island, he is befriended by the owner of a run-down resort. Together they renovate the resort and lure tourists to Club Paradise in an effort to fight off corrupt officials and businessmen who want to claim the resort as their own.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Harold Ramis
CAST:  Robin Williams  •  Peter O'Toole  •  Rick Moranis  •  Jimmy Cliff

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Cast & Characters

Robin Williams Jack Moniker
Peter O'Toole Governor Anthony Cloyden Hayes
Rick Moranis Barry Nye
Jimmy Cliff Ernest Reed
Twiggy Phillipa Lloyd
Adolph Caesar Prime Minister Solomon Grundy
Eugene Levy Barry Steinberg
Joanna Cassidy Terry Hamlin
Andrea Martin Linda White
Brian Doyle-Murray Voit Zerbe
Joe Flaherty Pilot
Steven Kampmann Randy White

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