Logorama (2009)

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Two cops portrayed by Michelin Men chase an armed Ronald McDonald through the streets of a fictionalized, stylized city.

GENRES:  Animation
DIRECTION:  François Alaux  •  Hervé de Crécy  •  Ludovic Houplain
CAST:  Fred Testot  •  IZM  •  Omar Sy  •  Pauline Moingeon

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Cast & Characters

Fred Testot Ronald / Big Boy
IZM Michelin Miguel / Le Géant Vert
Omar Sy Michelin Mike / Monsieur Propre / M&M's
Pauline Moingeon Miss Esso
Alexis Dolivet Haribo / Pringles Hot & Spicy / Pilote Helico
Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus Michelin Sheriff / Pringles Original
Gregory J. Pruss Chopper Pilot / Pillsbury Doughboy (voice)
Elli Medeiros Voix Radio
David Fincher Pringles Original

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