The Glimmer Man (1996)

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A former government operative renowned for his stealth, Jack Cole is now a Los Angeles police detective. When a series of horrible murders occurs in the metro area, Cole is assigned to the case, along with tough-talking fellow cop Jim Campbell. Although the two men clash, they gradually become effective partners as they uncover a conspiracy linked to the killings, which also involves terrorism and organized crime.

GENRES:  Action
CAST:  Steven Seagal  •  Keenen Ivory Wayans  •  Bob Gunton  •  Brian Cox

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Cast & Characters

Steven Seagal Lt. Jack Cole
Keenen Ivory Wayans Det. Jim Campbell
Bob Gunton Frank Deverell
Brian Cox Mr. Smith
Michelle Johnson Jessica Cole
Johnny Strong Johnny Deverell
John M. Jackson Donald Cunningham
Stephen Tobolowsky Christopher Maynard
Ryan Cutrona Capt. Harris
Richard Gant Detective Roden
Alexa PenaVega Cole's Daughter
Nikki Cox Millie - Johnny's Girlfriend

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