In the present, artist Tom Warshaw recalls his traumatic coming of age. As a 13-year-old growing up in New York City in 1973, Tom hangs out with Pappass, a mentally disabled man. With Tom's mother battling depression after the death of her husband, the young boy is left to his own devices. When Tom develops a crush on schoolmate Melissa, Pappass feels abandoned and begins behaving erratically.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  David Duchovny
CAST:  Robin Williams  •  David Duchovny  •  Anton Yelchin  •  Téa Leoni

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Cast & Characters

Robin Williams Pappass
David Duchovny Tom Warshaw
Anton Yelchin Tommy
Téa Leoni Mrs. Warshaw
Alice Drummond Mrs. Brevoort
Erykah Badu Lady / Bernadette
Frank Langella Reverend Duncan
Magali Amadei Coralie Warshaw
Zelda Williams Melissa
Olga Sosnovska Simone
Orlando Jones Superfly
Bernie Sheredy Sasha

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