Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

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When Jay and Silent Bob learn that their comic-book alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic, have been sold to Hollywood as part of a big-screen movie that leaves them out of any royalties, the pair travels to Tinseltown to sabotage the production.

GENRES:  Comedy
DIRECTION:  Kevin Smith
CAST:  Kevin Smith  •  Jason Mewes  •  Ben Affleck  •  Jeff Anderson

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Cast & Characters

Kevin Smith Silent Bob
Jason Mewes Jay
Ben Affleck Himself
Jeff Anderson Randal Graves
Brian O'Halloran Dante Hicks
Shannon Elizabeth Justice
Eliza Dushku Sissy
Ali Larter Chrissy
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith Missy
Will Ferrell Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly
Jason Lee Brodie Bruce/Banky Edwards
Judd Nelson Sheriff

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