The Wild Pair (1987)

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A strait-laced FBI agent and a hulking, big-hearted narcotics cop team up to track down a drug lord associated with a militant hate group.

GENRES:  Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  Beau Bridges
CAST:  Beau Bridges  •  Bubba Smith  •  Lloyd Bridges  •  Gary Lockwood

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Cast & Characters

Beau Bridges Joe Jennings
Bubba Smith Benny Avalon
Lloyd Bridges Col. Heser
Gary Lockwood Capt. Kramer
Lela Rochon Debby
Creed Bratton Dalton
Ellen Geer Fern Willis
Danny De La Paz Tucker
Raymond St. Jacques Ivory
Angelique De Windt Nadine Jackson
Phyliss Sherwood Waitress
Grace Soto Spanish Lady

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