Camellia (2010)

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An Omnibus of Short films by three directors about gay men’s relationships and partings. Kim Chu-ja is a fantasy musical about two men who were lovers in the past and meet by chance. Floating Island is about a quiet, sad love story about a man who wants to leave and a man who wants to hold him back and in La Traviata a woman comes to Bogil Island to meet her dead husband’s lover. She’s angry when she sees him happy. She sees the red camellia flowers and she comes to terms with her husband’s homosexuality while recovering from the hurt.

Drama • Romance
Isao Yukisada  •  Joonhwan Jang  •  Wisit Sasanatieng
Michael Shaowanasai  •  KyungGu Sol  •  Yuriko Yoshitaka  •  Kang Dong-won

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