Roads to the South (1978)

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France, 1975. Jean, an exiled Spanish Communist, is a successful screenwriter who, after a tragic event, struggles with his political commitment, his love for his country, under the boot of General Franco, whose death he and his comrades have waited for years, and his complicated relationship with his son. (A sequel to “The War Is Over,” 1966.)

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Joseph Losey
CAST:  Yves Montand  •  Miou-Miou  •  Laurent Malet  •  France Lambiotte

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Cast & Characters

Yves Montand Jean Larrea
Miou-Miou Julia
Laurent Malet Laurent Larréa
France Lambiotte Ève Larréa
Claire Bretécher TV Journalist
José Luis Gómez Miguel
Roger Planchon Parisian Attorney-at-law
Jeannine Mestre Nuria
Maurice Bénichou García
Jean Bouise Sharecropper
Eugene Braun Munk The Producer Egon
Mario Gonzales Hotel Manager

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