Spice World (1997)

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Zany adventure that follows The Spice Girls and their entourage (mostly fictional characters) - manager Clifford, his assistant Deborah, and filmmaker Piers (who is trying to shoot a documentary on "the real Spice Girls").

GENRES:  Adventure • Comedy • Drama • Fantasy • Music
DIRECTION:  Bob Spiers
CAST:  Victoria Beckham  •  Mel B  •  Emma Bunton  •  Melanie Chisholm

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Cast & Characters

Victoria Beckham Victoria
Mel B Melanie B
Emma Bunton Emma
Melanie Chisholm Melanie C
Geri Halliwell Geri
Kevin Allen TV Director
Devon Anderson Jack
Claire Rushbrook Deborah
Michael Barrymore Mr. Step
Simon Chandler Patient
Naoko Mori Nicola
Elvis Costello Elvis

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