Lost on Purpose (2013)

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Our story takes place in the fertile, San Joaquin Valley. Fueled by gin and sheer determination, Elizabeth James (Ms. Liz) operates her third generation dairy farm outside the region's domineering co-ops. To help keep the place afloat, she's employed five renegade ranch hands. These boys have put a pin in responsibility and opted to stretch out the party as long as possible. Unfortunately, women, booze, and fisticuffs can only lead to one outcome: trouble. With the dairy farm reporting its third straight deficit year, Ms Liz is attracting some unwanted attention. Delbert Furgeson, the owner of the area's largest co-op, is pushing to buy her out. This only incenses the prideful Ms Liz and starts a volatile feud between the two. Sharing the narrative are the ranch hands.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Ian Nelms  •  Eshom Nelms
CAST:  Jane Kaczmarek  •  C. Thomas Howell  •  James Lafferty  •  Aaron Hill

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Cast & Characters

Jane Kaczmarek Ms. Liz
C. Thomas Howell Delbert Furgeson
James Lafferty Fever
Aaron Hill D-1
Dale Dickey Retta Lee
Michelle Lang Shelly
Octavia Spencer Nurse Keller
Jack Kehler Barry Kitchanski
Leon Russom Gene Lee
Jeremy Ratchford Phill Noff
Janet Gunn Arlene
Michael Lawson Prototype

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