Double Trouble (1992)

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Two beefed-up twins (played by the Paul brothers, Peter and David, who have appeared in several programmers as The Barbarian Brothers) operating on opposing sides of the law, team up to stop a nefarious crook in this actioner. Peter Jade is a notoriously arrogant burglar who ends up with the key to an enormous underground cache of diamonds. David Jade is a cop who joins forces with Peter after greedy Philip Chamberlain, wanting the diamonds for himself, kills David's partner

GENRES:  Action • Comedy • Music • Romance
DIRECTION:  John Paragon
CAST:  Peter Paul  •  David Paul  •  Roddy McDowall  •  David Carradine

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Cast & Characters

Peter Paul Peter Jade
David Paul David Jade
Roddy McDowall Phillip Chamberlin
David Carradine Mr. C
Steve Kanaly Kent
Troy Donahue
Bill Mumy
A.J. Johnson Danitra
James Doohan Chief O'Brien
Timothy Stack Albers
Lewis Arquette Tarlow
Collin Bernsen Whitney Regan

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