The Incredible Time-Travels of Henry Osgood (1986)

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A college professor wishes he could live in Victorian England. Through a scientific experiment that goes wrong, he is able to make his dream come true. He is now able to travel back and forth in time.

GENRES:  Adventure • Comedy • History
DIRECTION:  Dave Thomas
CAST:  Valri Bromfield  •  John Candy  •  Gillie Fenwick  •  Eugene Levy

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Cast & Characters

Valri Bromfield Alice Osgood
John Candy Wallace Osgood
Gillie Fenwick Merlin
Eugene Levy Soldier
Catherine O'Hara Marie Antoinette
Bronson Pinchot Charles Dickens
Martin Short King Louis XVI
Dave Thomas Professor Henry Osgood
Jayne Eastwood
Joe Flaherty
Ian Thomas

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