Another Country (1984)

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In Moscow in 1983, an American journalist interviews Guy Bennett, who recalls his last year at public school, fifty years before, and how it contributed to him becoming a spy.

GENRES:  Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Marek Kanievska
CAST:  Rupert Everett  •  Colin Firth  •  Michael Jenn  •  Robert Addie

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Cast & Characters

Rupert Everett Guy Bennett
Colin Firth Tommy Judd
Michael Jenn Barclay
Robert Addie Delahay
Rupert Wainwright Donald Devenish
Cary Elwes James Harcourt
Tristan Oliver Fowler
Anna Massey Imogen Bennett
Philip Dupuy Martineau
Guy Henry Head Boy
Adrian Ross Magenty Wharton
Geoffrey Bateman Yevgeni

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