Everyone Says I Love You (1996)

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A New York girl sets her father up with a beautiful woman in a shaky marriage while her half sister gets engaged.

GENRES:  Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Woody Allen
CAST:  Drew Barrymore  •  Diva Gray  •  Natasha Lyonne  •  Edward Norton

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Cast & Characters

Drew Barrymore Skylar Dandridge
Diva Gray Nanny
Natasha Lyonne Djuna 'D.J.' Berlin
Edward Norton Holden Spence
Woody Allen Joe Berlin
Goldie Hawn Steffi Dandridge
Alan Alda Bob Danridge
Julia Roberts Von Sidell
Tim Roth Charles Ferry
Natalie Portman Laura Dandrige
Gaby Hoffmann Lane Dandrige
Billy Crudup Ken

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