Sleeping Bride (2000)

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Sleeping Bride is the story of a girl, Yumi, who since birth, has never been awake. A boy called Yuuichi finds the girl in the hospital while he is a patient there. A nurse remarks that the girl is 'Sleeping Beauty', and Yuuichi believes that a kiss from a prince will wake her, just like the story. Yuuichi returns to see Yumi every day, says 'Wake up, I'm the prince' and kisses her. Ten years later he restarts his daily ritual to see Yumi, one day she wakes up.

Drama • Romance
Hideo Nakata
Risa Goto  •  Hiroki Kohara  •  Takaaki Enoki  •  Yûko Natori

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Risa Goto Yumi Iida
Hiroki Kohara Yuuichi Nagasawa (17 years)
Takaaki Enoki Dr. Hishikawa
Yûko Natori Ritsuko Nagasawa
Masako Masako Iida
Rikiya Ôtaka Yuuichi Nagasawa (Aged 7)
Toshie Negishi Nurse
Moro Morooka Yumi's father
Yôko Ôshima Yuuchi's mother
Michiko Kawai Mitsu Fukuhara
Tomoka Hayashi Keiko Mizoguchi
Tomiyuki Kunihiro