The Pumpkin Karver (2006)

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After mistaking him for a masked killer, Jonathan fatally stabbed his sister's boyfriend on Halloween. One year later to the day, the siblings find themselves fighting for their lives against a very familiar masked murderer.

GENRES:  Horror
DIRECTION:  Robert Mann
CAST:  Amy Weber  •  Michael Zara  •  Minka Kelly  •  Terrence Evans

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Cast & Characters

Amy Weber Lynn Starks
Michael Zara Jonathan Starks
Minka Kelly Tammy Boyles
Terrence Evans Ben Wickets
David Austin Lance
Brian Kary MIB #1
Bryan Jamerson MIB #2
David J. Wright Alec / Pumpkin Face
Jonathan Conrad A.J.
Jared Show Grazer
Mistie Adams Yolanda
Charity Shea Rachel

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