The Player (1992)

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A Hollywood studio executive is being sent death threats by a writer whose script he rejected - but which one?

GENRES:  Comedy • Crime • Drama • Mystery
DIRECTION:  Robert Altman
CAST:  Tim Robbins  •  Greta Scacchi  •  Fred Ward  •  Whoopi Goldberg

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Cast & Characters

Tim Robbins Griffin Mill
Greta Scacchi June Gudmundsdottir
Fred Ward Walter Stuckel
Whoopi Goldberg Detective Susan Avery
Peter Gallagher Larry Levy
Brion James Joel Levison
Cynthia Stevenson Bonnie Sherow
Vincent D'Onofrio David Kahane
Dean Stockwell Andy Civella
Richard E. Grant Tom Oakley
Sydney Pollack Dick Mellon
Lyle Lovett Detective DeLongpre

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