Mantervention (2014)

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Spencer turns to his best friend who's planned an unorthodox "mantervention" filled with debauchery to convert him from hopeless romantic to forever player, and in the process they discover that being in love is not so bad after all.

GENRES:  Comedy • Romance
DIRECTION:  Stuart Acher
CAST:  Nick Roux  •  Travis Van Winkle  •  Chloe Bridges  •  Max Carver

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Cast & Characters

Nick Roux Spencer
Travis Van Winkle Coke
Chloe Bridges Katie
Max Carver Lifeguard Joe
Sarah Baldwin Allison
Jillian Murray Jessica
Randy Wayne Kip
Mario Van Peebles Steve
Kathryn Fiore Amber
Mahedi Rakib Clubgoer
Ricky Garcia Young Spencer
Lindsay Pearce Monica

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