The Beautiful Beast (2006)

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La Belle Bête is a powerful study of the conflict between beauty and ugliness, hate and love. The story revolves around three main characters. At the center, Patrice, a beautiful but mindless youth stands gazing at his image in the water. Around him move his ugly sister Isabelle-Marie, and his frivolous mother Louise, the first lost in love and hate for her brother's beauty, the second seeing it as an adornment for herself. Into this small, obsessed universe come a blind boy and an elegant fop from the outside world. At once, the pattern breaks and events move forward into a terrifying denouement.

GENRES:  Drama • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Karim Hussain

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Cast & Characters

Marc-André Grondin Patrice
Carole Laure Louise
Caroline Dhavernas Isabelle-Marie
David La Haye Lanz
Sébastien Huberdeau Michael
Ludivine Reding Anne
Normand Lévesque Professeur
Nicolas Girard Deltruc Vendeur de journaux
Richard Tassé Chasseur
Gregoire Dunlevy Homme cheval
Florence Poirier Isabelle-Marie (7 ans)
Sydney Descary Patrice (6 ans)

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