That's Life! (1986)

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A wealthy architect struggles with a severe case of male menopause at the approach of his 60th birthday.

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Blake Edwards
CAST:  Jack Lemmon  •  Julie Andrews  •  Sally Kellerman  •  Robert Loggia

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Cast & Characters

Jack Lemmon Harvey Fairchild
Julie Andrews Gillian Fairchild
Sally Kellerman Holly Parrish
Robert Loggia Father Baragone
Jennifer Edwards Megan Fairchild Bartlet
Robert Knepper Steve Larwin (as Rob Knepper)
Matt Lattanzi Larry Bartlet
Chris Lemmon Josh Fairchild
Cynthia Sikes Janice Kern
Dana Sparks Fanny Ward
Emma Walton Kate Fairchild
Felicia Farr Madame Carrie

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