Quid Pro Quo (2008)

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A semi-paralyzed radio reporter is sent out to investigate a story that leads him into an odd subculture and on a journey of disturbing self-realization.

GENRES:  Drama • Mystery • Thriller
DIRECTION:  Carlos Brooks
CAST:  Nick Stahl  •  Vera Farmiga  •  Rachel Black  •  Jessica Hecht

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Cast & Characters

Nick Stahl Isaac Knott
Vera Farmiga Fiona
Rachel Black Janice Musslewhite
Jessica Hecht Edie
Jacob Pitts Hugh
Ashlie Atkinson Candy
Pablo Schreiber Brooster
Jeane Fournier Charlene Coke
James Frain Father Dave
Aimee Mullins Raine
Dylan Bruno Scott
Kate Burton Merilee

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