Bosomy Younger Sister-in-law (2019)

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Min-soo and Yoo-ri talk about marriage while they are on a date. Yoo-ri goes back home and tells Jeong-hee about marrying Min-soo but Jeong-hee is shocked as she has a crush on him. She has a drink with Sung-hoon and gets drunk telling him about the soon-to-be married couple. Sung-hoon who has a crush on Jeong-hee, has drunk sex with her. Jeong-hee is confused the next morning and runs into Min-soo who happens to be home. Jeong-hee realizes the fun about sex and slowly starts to be obsessed with Min-soo. Min-soo can't turn her down and Sung-hoon finds out...

GENRES:  Romance
DIRECTION:  Lee Dong-Joon
CAST:  Ahn So-hee  •  Sang Woo  •  Si Woo  •  Min Jung

Cast & Characters

Ahn So-hee
Sang Woo
Si Woo
Min Jung

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