Stuck Together: Bringing Stuck on You to the Screen (2004)

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Comments from the Farrellys, Thomas, Wessler, Damon, Kinnear, and actors Ray “Rocket” Valliere, Wen Yan Shih, Lawyer Milloy and Tom Brady. They chat about the origins of the film and its slow path to the screen, casting, the story and character development, disabilities in the film, and their use of athletes in cameos.

GENRES:  Comedy • Documentary
DIRECTION:  Laurent Bouzereau

Cast & Characters

Peter Farrelly Himself
Charles B. Wessler Himself
Bradley Thomas Himself
Bobby Farrelly Himself
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Ray 'Rocket' Valliere Himself
Wen Yann Shih Herself
Tom Brady Himself
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Sergio Garcia Himself
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