When veteran anchorman Howard Beale is forced to retire his 25-year post because of his age, he announces to viewers that he will kill himself during his farewell broadcast. Network executives rethink their decision when his fanatical tirade results in a spike in ratings.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Sidney Lumet
CAST:  Faye Dunaway  •  William Holden  •  Peter Finch  •  Robert Duvall

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Cast & Characters

Faye Dunaway Diana Christensen
William Holden Max Schumacher
Peter Finch Howard Beale
Robert Duvall Frank Hackett
Wesley Addy Nelson Chaney
Ned Beatty Arthur Jensen
Arthur Burghardt Great Ahmed Kahn
Conchata Ferrell Barbara Schlesinger
Jordan Charney Harry Hunter
Jerome Dempsey Walter C. Amundsen
Ed Crowley Joe Donnelly
Kathy Cronkite Mary Ann Gifford

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