Pathogen (2006)

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An infection which appears to be caused by a bacteria in the water turns out to be more. A fourteen-year-old student, Dannie, feels the real cause is linked to her recurring dreams. When the infection reaches an epidemic level. it becomes clear that this infection not only kills, but restores the body to a minimally functioning state where the infected become the "living-dead". This unique twist on the classic zombie theme, centers around the highly-intuitive Dannie Jacobs and a group of four other middle school students who try to save their friends, their town and themselves in spite of the odds against them. While they are desperately trying to find an answer before it's too late, they meet researcher Sue who may hold the key to the infection and Dannie's dreams.

Rotten Tomatoes: No critic reviews / Audience 45%

Rated Unrated, 

Emily Hagins
Tony Vespe  •  Rose Kent-McGlew  •  Alec Herskowitz  •  Tiger Darrow

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Tony Vespe Cameron
Rose Kent-McGlew Dannie
Alec Herskowitz Sam
Tiger Darrow Christine
Alex Schroeder Stacy
Amanda Haight Chloe
Rebecca Elliott Researcher Sue
Estrella Gonzalez Jen
C. Robert Cargill Janitor
Harry Jay Knowles Radio Announcer
Ben Gonzalez News Reporter
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