Doctor of Doom (1979)

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A doctor goes to a dinner party where he's made fun of and soon afterwards returns home and sends a monster to attack the people.

GENRES:  Comedy • Horror
DIRECTION:  Tim Burton  •  Jerry Rees
CAST:  Harry Sabin  •  Randy Cartwright  •  Cynthia Prince  •  Tim Burton

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Cast & Characters

Harry Sabin Rosita's Father
Randy Cartwright Rosita's Father's Voice/Rosita's Voice/Pepe's Voice/Monster's Voice
Cynthia Prince Rosita
Tim Burton Don Carlo
Brad Bird Don Carlo's Voice/Bystander's Voice
Michael Giaimo Bob Garcia
Chris Buck Pepe
Jerry Rees Bob Garcia's Voice / Cameraman
Darrell Van Citters Monster / Bystander

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