DISconnected (2011)

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4 Teenagers. 4 different cities. Living large online through social networks, texting, and live streaming. More open, more immediate, more friends, more danger, more control. They project what they want others to see. Say anything, do anything; to get a response from online friends who understand. Faster, sexier, meaner. Real life doesn't cut it. Too many expectations. Too many disappointments. Too boring. 4 teens whose worlds collide one night on a live streaming site. One of them loses control. Shot entirely with the tools of modern communication; 5D Cannon, Laptop webcam, cell phones. Laptop 3D after FX integrate live action and graphics to create their online existence.

GENRES:  Drama
DIRECTION:  Leslie Libman
CAST:  Jordan Calloway  •  Lindsey Morgan  •  Ana Coto  •  Alexandra Kyle

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Cast & Characters

Jordan Calloway Isaiah
Lindsey Morgan Maria
Ana Coto Lisa
Alexandra Kyle Shelly
Michelle Forbes Lisa's Mom

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