Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion - The Play (2002)

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The fireworks begin when Madea’s family gathers for her granddaughter’s wedding. As usual, Madea rules the roost, as she and her neighbor, the wacky Mr. Brown, deliver nonstop laughs. Live, love, rejoice...it’s Madea’s Family Reunion!

GENRES:  Comedy • Drama
DIRECTION:  Tyler Perry  •  Elvin Ross
CAST:  Tyler Perry  •  D'atra Hicks  •  Terrell Phillips  •  Tamela Mann

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Cast & Characters

Tyler Perry Madea / Brian / Joe
D'atra Hicks Jackie Simmons
Terrell Phillips Kevin
Tamela Mann Cora Jean Simmons
David Mann Leroy Brown
Quan Howell Reverend Johnny Lewis
Pebbles Johnson Vickie
Gary Jenkins A.J. Jenkins
Zakiya Williams Tina Simmons
Sonya Evans Lisa Simmons-Jenkins
Mike Storm Ronnie
Regina McCrary Mattie Brown

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