A Team (2016)

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The vain Prota Gonist leads one of the quirkiest groups of superheroes around, joined by the mysterious White Man, the violent Moe Nition, the skilled Shannon Fodder and the stealthy Candy Flage. After breaking into the lab of an evil mastermind, they unravel a conspiracy to take over the world and must unite to save the world.

GENRES:  Action • Comedy
DIRECTION:  Jake O'Flynn
CAST:  Sebastian Rosenberger  •  Anna O'Daly  •  Percy Manthey  •  Tom Lister

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Cast & Characters

Sebastian Rosenberger Prota Gonist
Anna O'Daly White Man/Anta Gonist
Percy Manthey Moe Nition
Tom Lister Narrator
Rex Phillips-Dibb Spanish Professor
Peter Cook Number 2
Robyn Walters Flowah Girl
Yann Atzmon Jeffrey
Harry Feltham The Devil Incarnate
Jake O'Flynn Himself
Angus Walker Moe Nition

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