Tragic Hero (1987)

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After being released from prison, Tang Kat-Yung exacts revenge on Li Ah Chai, in this sequel to Rich and Famous.

GENRES:  Action • Crime
DIRECTION:  Taylor Wong
CAST:  Chow Yun-fat  •  Alex Man  •  Peter Yang Kwan  •  Danny Lee Sau-Yin

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Cast & Characters

Chow Yun-fat Boss Li Ah Chai
Alex Man Tang Kar Yung
Peter Yang Kwan Uncle Chi
Danny Lee Sau-Yin Inspector Cheung
Pauline Wong Siu-Fung Wong Hui Chu
Carina Lau Lau Po Yee
Andy Lau Lam Ting Kwok
Ng Hoi-Tin Supt Hou
Shing Fui-On Number Six
Alex Ng Hong-Ling Chuan
Lam Chung Big Eyes
Ko Chun-Hsiung Boss Chu

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