Upstream (2017)

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Mayor Guo of Wanhe City was seeking re-election but got kidnapped a few days before election day by a young man from the poor and seriously polluted area of the city. It was a scheme plotted by a local petrochemical company hoping to ensure Guo’s victory in the election so that their expansion application could be approve. However, this false kidnapping goes wrong, and soon everything is out of control.

GENRES:  Action • Crime • Drama
DIRECTION:  David Chuang
CAST:  Ray Chang  •  Han Chang  •  Jieh-Wen King  •  Peggy Tseng

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Cast & Characters

Ray Chang 石頭
Han Chang 郭文翰
Jieh-Wen King 羌仔
Peggy Tseng 雯綺
Luo Bei An 莊厚安

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