Footloose (1984)

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When teenager Ren and his family move from big-city Chicago to a small town in the West, he's in for a real case of culture shock after discovering he's living in a place where music and dancing are illegal.

GENRES:  Drama • Romance
DIRECTION:  Herbert Ross
CAST:  Kevin Bacon  •  John Lithgow  •  Dianne Wiest  •  Chris Penn

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Cast & Characters

Kevin Bacon Ren McCormack
John Lithgow Reverend Shaw Moore
Dianne Wiest Vi Moore
Chris Penn Willard Hewitt
Lori Singer Ariel Moore
Sarah Jessica Parker Rusty
Timothy Scott Andy Beamis
Frances Lee McCain Ethel McCormack
John Laughlin Woody
Elizabeth Gorcey Wendy Jo
Jim Youngs Chuck Cranston
Douglas Dirkson Burlington Cranston

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